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Equipment Overview

The following is a list of machines we utilize for production:

- 2-color Heidelberg Press
- 4-color Heidelberg Press
- 4-color HP Indigo Digital Press
- Ryobi 2800 Duplicators with T-51 color heads
- Ryobi 3304HA 4-color
- Ryobi 3302HA 2-color
- Halm Jet Press for 2-color envelopes
- Therm-O-Type NSF-A3+ & Heidelberg Windmill for foil stamping, embossing &
die cutting
- UV laser raised (LaserSafe) printing

The following is a list of machines available for various bindery needs:

- Horizon Collator Stitcher Trimmer (collating, stitching, trimming)
- Rosback Stitcher Trimmer (stitching & book trimming)
- Interlake Stitcher (specialty stitching)
- Stahl Folder (20''x26'' continuous with right angle folding)
- Baum Folder (17''x22'' folding)
- Count Numbering Machine
- Challenge 3-Head Drill & Single Head Drill
- Therm-O-Type & Rollem Slitters

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